Holistic Nutrition Coaching

  • Lifestyle and food based solutions to health concerns, such as:

  • Going gluten free out of necessity or desire

  • Identifying food intolerances through mindfulness

  • Healing gut microbe imbalances

  • Building habits to increase health

  • Reducing toxins and inflammation


  • 20 minute discovery call: free

  • A la carte session, 50 minutes: $110

Sessions purchased as packages are offered at a discounted price:

  • Intro package: Initial Intake + 6 sessions, all are 50 minutes. $630

  • On-going package: 6 sessions, all are 50 minutes. $540

  • Check-in package: 6 sessions, 25 minutes each. $270

  • All sessions take place over the phone or Zoom

Private Yoga Lessons:

  • Your time to connect with your body, tap into intuition, and build stress resilience

  • We could work on slowing down and creating a mindful pause, looking at alignment in fundamental poses, or tailoring the practice to your current needs

  • Great for martial arts practitioners who are looking to add restoration into their training

  • Yin or Vinyasa over Zoom or Vinyasa can be outdoors, in-person in Oakland (weather permitting)


  • $95 per 1-hour session

For nutrition clients, we will have an Initial Intake session, where we'll go over your health history, current wellness status and eating habits, and future goals. In the continuing sessions, we will create a plan, together, that focuses on your goals and combines lifestyle changes with nutrition advice. Nutrition changes could include: the addition of specific herbs and spices, making food choices that support healing, digestion, and gut health, or the elimination of inflammatory foods. The Check-in package is offered to clients who have completed the intro package and are interested in checking in on their progress. Good for those who don’t have major health concerns.


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